Sentient Lanterns

What do we mean by togetherness? How can we condition enacted experience for coordination to emerge? How can we collectivize group dynamics instead of reducing to individual agents, without returning to dualistic vocabularies e.g. self, body, or without discretizing messy fields of coordination into skin-bound bodies with brains/ How do non-human matter, objects, tools, and organisms participate in ensemble with humans? Without? How can we leverage skills learned in lived experience?


The Lanterns system apparatus is built as a sandbox for playful and collective engagement with these questions. As we swing, twirl, and toss the pendants, their movement is augmented by responsive and spatialized sound and reactive lighting.



Garrett Laroy Johnson: Research Assistant Ph.D | Synthesis

Britta Joy Peterson: Choreography and Performance

Evan Anderson: Lighting Design

Pamela East: Camera Work

Julian Stein: Camera Work

Additional Information

related publication: Journal of Somaesthetics 4, no. 2 (2019) Somaesthetics and Technology: Ensemble, Entrainment, and Movement in the Mess of the Matter: Non-anthropocentric Design of Responsive-Media Environments”

performed at Movement and Computing (MOCO) 2017 // Goldsmiths University London