Responsive media

  1. Responsive mist, modulated by gesture or video (Dupont, Navab, Rawls, Weisman)
  2. Particles with customizable dynamics (TML)
  3. Fields as lattice computation (Mechtley)
  4. Transcoding audio-video to mechatronics / lighting (Rawls)
  5. Gestural sound wrist sensing (Thorn)
  6. Calligraphic video (TML)

Ecology of Things

  1. Table shared simultaneously in Montreal and Phoenix (Johnson, Montpellier, Faleh, Kidane, Rawls, Chandolias)
  2. Augmented, sensitized objects
  3. Responsive lamps and voiced tables (Lopez, Rawls, Nandin)
  4. Softwear – wearable as clothing or jewelry (TML)
  5. Glove-controlled theater lights (Rawls)
  6. Expressive mechatronics

Movement and Media

  1. Mapping dance movement or instrumental gesture to music synthesis via via wearable sensors (Thorn, Willcox)
  2. Mapping movement, rhythm, and orientation to sound or music synthesis via wearable sensors (Ingalls, Stein, Krzyzaniak)
  3. Motorized lights responding to movement  (Ziegler, Zlaket, Rawls, Shelansky)

Experiential Complex Systems Simulations

  1. Steerable Weather: realtime (cm1) simulation of pressure, temperature, water content, and wind physics; camera-tracking and object-tracking; rendered as immersive video, spatial audio, lighting (Mechtley, Rawls)
  2. Heatscapes: biometeorological instrumentation, experienced by humans, microclimate simulations (Middel / Shadelab, Mechtley)
  3. Toroidal Flows (Rawls, Pratt / NOAA)

Responsive Environments and Media Choreography

  1. Scenario, play, experience design for responsive environments
  2. Structured improvisation, collective embodied experience, movement / gesture scores (Naccarato, Rajko, Willcox)
  3. Suspended paper sky + Multi-layer responsive video (Khintirian, Ingalls, Stein, Weisman, Rawls, Rümker, Sha)
  4. SC State Engine: Topological dynamics, continuous evolution of multivalent states according to prior design and ad hoc activity (Sha, Mechtley, Stein, Ingalls, Rawls)