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performance artist, philosopher, and poet

Muindi Fanuel Muindi

Muindi Fanuel Muindi is a performance artist, philosopher, and poet.

Muindi’s philosophical perspective, his “deconstructive empiricism”, is deeply affected by Bantu philosophies and by Western deconstruction and schizoanalysis, and it is subtly informed by figures, functions, and structures from comparative biology and measure theory.

Muindi’s performances, his “philosophical gestures”, deploy dramatic devices to create sensuous experiences that facilitate philosophical inquiry. Having adopted the motto “more grit, less kit”, Muindi’s performance practice privileges high latency, low fidelity, and seamful designs and the use of TEK (Traditional Ecological Knowledge).

Muindi is co-producer and audio engineer for the Forested Niches podcast.

As an affiliate of the Synthesis Center, Muindi coordinates the Alter-Eco and Prototyping Social Forms research streams.