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performance artist, philosopher, and writer

Muindi F. Muindi

Muindi Fanuel Muindi is a performance artist, philosopher, and writer currently living and working in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is the author of three volumes of experimental poetry and prose that have been abridged and collected together in a single volume titled Triptych. Muindi’s philosophical perspective, his “deconstructive empiricism”, is deeply affected by the work of Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Derrida and keenly informed by figures, functions, schemas from differential topology, stochastic field theory, bifurcation theory, and quantum information theory. As a performance artist, Muindi deploys “dramatic devices” and “im-media” to create “sensuous experiences” that facilitate fresh articulations philosophical concepts. Having adopted the motto “more grit, less kit”, Muindi’s performance practice privileges do-it-yourself, bricolage, glitch, lo-fi, and “seemful” design and production techniques whenever possible.