Sensable Heatscapes


This interdisciplinary project and course (AME 494/598: Sensable Heatspaces) concerns heat and the challenges it creates for existing and future cities. We explore this “hot” topic in three dimensions: heat as it can be sensed by biometeorological instrumentation, heat as it is experienced by humans, and heat as it can be modeled using computer simulations.

In the Spring 2019 semester, we mapped the spatial distribution of heat and thermal comfort on ASU’s Tempe campus.



Dr. Ariane Middel: Lead Researcher | ASU

Brandon Mechtley: SC System Research | Synthesis

Hannah Larkin: Student Researcher | ASU

Jessica Rusnock: Student Researcher | ASU

Brady Martinez: Student Research | ASU

Matthew Evans: PhD Candidate Consultant | ASU

Jorge Arellano: Sound Design, Student | ASU

Kenneth McNair: Sound Design, Student | ASU