Lighting and Rhythm


Researchers combine techniques from dance, computational sound, animated lighting, and machine perception to create living environments in a theatrical space in which to explore sense of time and rhythm as a fundamental mode of experience.

Core Questions

During the LRR, Synthesis students and researchers will create various scenarios and games with movement in fields of lighting that respond to people’s movement, in response to the questions motivating these working sessions:

  • How can we modulate one’s (not a spectator’s) sense of dynamic, change, temporal texture using lighting?
  • How can people and room collectively retrospect and anticipate action?
  • What is the minimum signal needed to orient bodies’ movements to one another?
  • How can moving bodies signal one another concurrently, and still manage collective anticipation or retrospection, or improvisatory variation?

In parallel responses to those questions:

  • Movement artists will create the movement etudes with and without music.
  • Media artist-programmers will create behaviors for real-time lighting instruments to modulate the field of light in the room or on people’s bodies in concert with people’s activity
  • Human activity analysts will observe and talk with the dancers and media-programmers at work in studio sessions, and identify or create other tools for analyzing the phenomena of anticipation and retrospection in ensemble experience.

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Movement + Media Team

Chris Zielger: Lead | Assist. Professor, AME

Omar Faleh: Responsive Architecture, Lighting & Projection Mapping | TML, Montréal

Garrett Johnson: Music, Media Choreography & Rhythm Behavior | PhD. AME

Andrew Robinson: Live Video Processing | AME & Synthesis

Varsha Iyengar: Video Graphics, Dance & Computer Science | San Jose

Vickie Hall: Theater 

Eleanor Hanafin: Dance

Temporality + Media Team

Sha Xin Wei: Lead | Director of AME & Synthesis

Pavan Turaga: Scientific Lead | Assist. Professor, AME


Peter Weisman: Technical Director, Advisor | Technical Director, AME

Suren Jayasuriya: Computational Lighting | AME

Michael Bateman: Light Control, A/V Stage Tech 

Ian Shelanskey: Light Control, A/V Tech | MFA, Film + Dance, AME

Aniket Sarangdhar: Light Control, Rhythm Kit 

Julian Stein: Sound Design, Rhythm Kit, Light Control, Programming, Advisor | Synthesis

Evan Montepellier: Real-time video, Programming | TML, Montréal

Michael Krzyzaniak: Correlation, Sound & Programming | PhD. AME

Assegid Kidane: Research Staff  | AME + EE

Chris Roberts: Operations Manager, Project Lead  | Regis University

Kristi Garboushian: Communications Program Coordinator, Documentation Lead