Multimedia Artist + Communications

Megan Patzem


Many people wonder the same question. Is she an designer, animator or is she a wizard? I am here to tell you she might very well be both.

Ever since my middle school years, I have been doodling on just about every piece of paper I have ever been handed. Anything from cartoons to anthropomorphic animals doing out of the ordinary things. This childhood obsession fueled my love and passion for movies and animations.

Right before the start of college, I tried my hand at computer animation starting out in Autodesk Maya and began learning how to create a healthy pipeline from Maya into the Adobe Suite and vice versa. After this, I began doing more and more computer animation and even branched out into digital design. While my degree in Digital Culture at ASU in the School of Arts, Media and Engineering offered me a plethora of technological knowledge, I gained most my digital and artist knowledge from hours of individual practice through trial and error.

5+ years later with a Bachelor’s degree under my belt, I became a technical wizard and started to make independent works of abstract design and animation.