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Yanjun Lyu

Yanjun Lyu (吕彦君) is an interactive media designer, artist and researcher. Her research focused on augmenting and mediating the scope of human perception by creating an aesthetic, poetic and enchanted experience and expression by exploring the multiplicity of available interactive media in all its facets—audio, visual, tactile, optical —to improve human affective expression, to address human aesthetic and emotional needs, and to also develop new forms of technology-aided human interaction and advance warmer, more emotionally nuanced designs through theoretical, psychological and technological research-based learning. In her research, she aspires to implement and to further our current knowledge about nonverbal communication, narrative space within sensor networks, wearable computing technologies, haptic and sonic analysis, and HCI & Interactive materials and related synthesis fields of media, art, and engineering.   

Prior to AME, Yanjun earned her bachelor’s degree in visual communication design at the China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) and an MFA in dynamic media at Massachusetts College of Arts and Design in Boston, where she was cross-registered in MIT’s Tangible Media Lab. While there, she acquired further expertise in tangible interface design and technology-aided interaction design. She worked at Proximity Lab in San Francisco as a junior User Interface (UI) designer from 2016–2017, where her duties included animated interface design and user flow. She is currently a Media Arts and Sciences Ph.D. student in the School Art, Media, and Engineering department at Arizona State University. Apart from academia, Yanjun enjoys painting with acrylics and sketching in pencil.