Gestural Media

Movement and gestural media; wearable music and gestural instruments

Movement research guided by an abductive (on-the-fly, adapted) approach, process-philosophical questions of subjectification, and felt meaning. Playful, poetic, for expert and non-expert movement alike, without encoded assumptions about intention or telos.


Seth Thorn, music and wearable instruments, Halley Willcox, dance, movement research: Processual & Experiential Design in Wearable Music Workshopping

John MacCallum, Teoma Naccarato, synchrony, breathing and body rhythms, participatory performance


John MacCallum (Inria, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay), Teoma Naccarato (Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University), Collaboration as Differentiation: Rethinking interaction intra-actively, Performance Philosophy, 4.2, 2019.