March 16, 2019 ―
March 18, 2019

Vangelis Lympouridis, PhD, VR/AR/MR industry + USC

Vangelis Lympouridis, PhD, VR/AR/MR industry + USC, full-body interaction; guest of Synthesis & AME:


March 16-18


Vangelis got his PhD from the same program in Edinburgh as Lauren I believe, on “Design Strategies for Whole Body Interactive Performance Systems” (see short bio for his world-leading work on full-body interaction and dance + technology)

In the 6 years since his PhD, Dr. Lympouridis taught at USC Cinema, built the first motion lab at USC, started a very successful VR company (ENOSIS VR), knows the scene from Sundance to the emerging tech world for VR, film and movement tracking.  In fact he started the movement-tracking lab out of his PhD in building his own super high end body tracking —> music system.    He’s also got some major deals with medical applications, knowing the entire pipeline from university-based movement-based research-creation though clinical trails to product…

I got to know Vangelis ca 2010, and since then he’s been one of the cool research affiliates who participated in TML and SC workshops.   I respect Vangelis’ artistic, social and design judgment and his technical acumen.  He can be inspiring counsel for Masters and PhD students in AME, FDT and Design, and  is also a well connected friend in LA world between VR/AR/MR,  movement based research and emerging media industries.

It will be great to welcome Vangelis come out for direct talks vis-a-vis AME’s future development in more public  application domains connecting with a large swath of our research from movement-based research to mobile technologies to experiential systems.  Vangelis is not only deeply versed in the basic research in movement arts and medicine, but also is familiar with the most prominent high end, emerging technologies in motion-tracking, gestural control of media, VR/AR/MR etc.