March 17, 2019 ―
March 19, 2019

TEI 2019 Improvisational Environments Workshop

Composing ecosystemically in responsive environments with gestural media, objects and textures

In this workshop, participants will try their hand at a variety of tangible, embodied, and embedded sensing and feedback technologies including vibrotactile instruments, expressive mechatronics, gesturally modulated fields of light, sound, mist, and realtime steerable immersive atmospheres. Working through hands-on experience by theme, participants will be introduced to compositional and experimental methodologies. In the second half of the workshop, participants will compose together some simple “ecosystems” using the Synthesis Center’s hardware- software media choreography architecture (sc), in the iStage experimental theater-scale blackbox space.

Brandon Mechtley
Todd Ingalls
Lauren Hayes
Julian Stein
Garrett Johnson
Byron Lahey
Jessica Rajko
Seth Thorn
Emiddio Vasquez
Connor Rawls
Peter Weisman
Assegid Kidane
Sha Xin Wei