November 9, 2018 ―
November 16, 2018

Serra Vegetal Life Residency Montréal, 9-16 November 2018

We invite you to the Open Studio of the Serra Vegetal Life project, co-produced by Synthesis Canada Council for the Arts, O Vertigo Dance Company. You are welcome to join us Friday the 16th of November to meet the artists at work on the unique responsive environment. We’re excited to share with you our esteemed friends and colleagues our current work for your feedback.

Building on work with choreographer Laurin, media artist / filmmaker Oana Suteu, media artist-researchers Todd Ingalls and Sha Xin Wei have created an ecosystem intertwining plant and human movement via gestural media evoking multi-rhythms of seasons, days and nights, organisms and visitors. We thank School of Arts, Media + Engineering, and Rümker for essential support in the realization of the work.

Serra invite english

Serra invite francaise