April 12, 2019

Improvising and Prototyping Social Forms in Responsive Environments

cid:169fe96f10482e0609c1Berkeley Institute of Design*, University of California, Berkeley

12pm Friday April 12, 2019

Sha Xin Wei

Professor – Arizona State University


Building on the Topological Media Lab’s work on collective, ad hoc gesture and responsive media in enactive, embodied environments, Synthesis has been the home for a new order of responsive environments.

We leverage the state of the art realtime gestural time-based media: sound, audio, video, theatrical / domestic lighting, air, mist, water, or any computationally modulated hybrid material, together with movement-based arts, theater production, computational physics and signal processing. We describe some research streams and applications such as improvisatory environments, place and atmosphere, rhythmanalysis, and the ‘in vivo’ prototyping of social forms.

*The Berkeley Institute of Design (BiD) is a research group that fosters a deeply interdisciplinary approach to design for the 21st century, spanning human-computer interaction, mechanical design, education, architecture and art practice. We are located in the Hearst Memorial Mining Building (photos).