October 9, 2019 ―
September 11, 2019

Alter-Eco | Alternative Economies and Ecologies Colloquium and Seminar

Convened by The European Graduate School and Synthesis@ASU, this colloquium-seminar proposes an intense, multifaceted examination of contemporary developments in finance and economy.  These developments, we feel, demand the kind of cross-disciplinary philosophical and critical reflection for which the EGS constantly strives in its effort to the think the conditions and possibilities of our being in the contemporary world.  It is the latter orientation that leads us to pursue our questioning of phenomena such as computational finance with an eye to the way in which any thought of alternative economic structures must be accompanied by questions about possible alternative ecologies.   As we develop our thinking on contemporary and future economies in the course of the seminar, we hope to make the latter phrase — alternative ecologies — more meaningful and poignant.
Unfolding over 18 hours, with a team of a half-dozen seminar leaders, experts and students alike will examine the axioms scaffolding contemporary finance and computational capitalism, and explore ethico-aesthetic-practical alternatives with ecological concern.

We will work in tandem with a public event in Valletta that will attract distinguished participants from around the world with significant expertise in the areas central to the seminar: cryptocurrency, blockchain, and new technologies of finance and governance.  Some individuals participating in that event may join us, and we plan to join the public event in an evening discussion on a day to be determined at the Mediterranean Conference Center, which adjoins our meeting site: the Fort St. Elmo.​

We adopt the format of a condensed EGS credit-bearing seminar: six sessions of three hours over the course of three days.  We envision the order of topics below, with a provisional assignment of discussion leaders who will offer more or less formal presentations, allowing for thorough discussion.   Following seminar format, we will provide background references or materials recommended for review ahead of time.

A potential outcome is discovering ways to prototype, experience, and assess alternative economies and ecologies.


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