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Josh Gigantino

Joshua Gigantino is a designer, entrepreneur and technologist focused on applying industrial design research across fields primarily through an aerospace lense. Interests include human factors & body mapping, sustainability, human-machine interfaces, electronics, commercial space development, the maker movement, visual ethnography, informal education, transdisciplinarity and technical arts like video, animation, 3D scanning and digital fabrication. Specific areas of study include Lines of Non Extension, space-based solar power, planetary base construction, physical simulations, CubeSats, planetary penetrators, visual storytelling around outer space, life cycle assessment, digital portals, augmented reality, and the synthesis of design and engineering fields. He holds a BFA in Open Media from Massachusetts College of Art, an MSD in New Product Innovation from The Design School at Arizona State University, a 1st degree black belt from the IWSD and has studied with the Fab Academy network & Brown University. Josh has founded two companies: PostcardsToSpace and Little Giant Design Studio, and worked with other media & design companies. He is associated with Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) and Alliance for Arts in Research Universities (A2RU). He is developing an MIT-type FabLab in Tempe, Arizona while completing coursework toward PhD candidacy in the School of Arts, Media & Engineering at ASU.